Saturday, July 05, 2014

Happy July 4th!

Happy Independence Day, America!

When I was in elementary school I did a report on Francis Scott Key and how he came to write the "Star-Spangled Banner." I still love that story- you should look it up some time.

Anyway, we heard that our neighborhood was having a parade on the 4th. So cute. I don't really understand why, but they do. I really wanted to go but we were FRIED from all the house stuff we've been doing. Still in my jammies that morning, I happened to look out the window and our neighbors were all outside talking.

It turns out the parade passes right IN FRONT of our house! So I got to watch from the window while I sipped my coffee. It was adorable! We even had a fire truck lead the parade!

I managed to snap a couple photos through our front window. Sometimes it's good to be the only house up on the hill.
Neighbors camping out while they wait
Cutest parade ever!

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