Sunday, July 27, 2014

Settling In

We've spent the past couple months settling in to our new home. We've still got some nesting type things to do but overall we're beginning to feel at home here. 

I still feel like we're staying temporarily in someone's rental home but we'll get there. Cleaning the entire house from top to bottom helped a lot! It took almost six hours which included baseboards, dusting, vacuuming, mopping, some windows, almost everything! 

Hubby's been SUPER busy at work, even traveling last week for a few days. I was so thrilled to have him home! I'm starting to realize I won't be going back to outside-the-house-with-income-work anytime soon which has probably been my biggest most surreal adjustment. 

Our social worker redid our home safety inspection which went well. She seemed to really like our house and we had a great time connecting with someone a part of our adoption process. 

Below are some random photos from the past several weeks...

I found a nest in one of our ferns in the front yard!
Our view when we come home. EVERY time.

'Tis the season for freshly picked blueberries and PIE!

I heart blueberry pie.

Our newest favorite happy place

Lots and lots of house projects... for Hubby

Always coffee. Always.

Sunshine and happiness

A 5k here and there...

And good friends! be continued...

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