Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Laundry "Room"

As promised, below are the final photos of the laundry space in our hallway upstairs. I call it the laundry "room" but really it's just a part of the hallway.

Just to give you another visual, here's the pin on Pinterest I was going off of as inspiration.
The view from the other side of the hallway in the guest bedroom
The close-up view
The shelves were already in place, though I did repaint them and spruce them up. I also spray-painted the brackets holding the shelves a nickel color to give them that silvery finish. I did the same thing with the transition piece between the flooring and the hallway carpet. I painted the two wall colors (the Truly Turquoise color and the fresher white color below).

My awesome and super handy hubby added the chair rail, helped me lay the peel & stick "hardwood" tiles on the floor (We're in love! They're gorgeous! I wish you could actually see them!), and helped me with the tension rod for the coat hangers.
The bottom half of the space
Another view of the top half
The baskets came from IKEA and I will probably buy a couple more the next time we go to fill out more of the space. They do help with storage too! We keep light bulbs in one of them. Since the shelves were tricky to get back in, we do have some paint touch-ups to do, but I've done laundry several times here now and I can't ever tell.

One day when I'm dealing with spit-up and poopy clothes, at least the space I need to do the dreaded laundry chore won't be so dreary and depressing. Now it's super cute and I love to show it off!