Saturday, August 09, 2014

Family Visit

We're having a blast with CC's parents here! We haven't seen this since Christmas, which for our family, is a bit longer than usual.

So far I'm still dealing with my hatred for poison ivy and all things itchy. I also massacred my big toe the other night stubbing it under the metal car seat (& more importantly ruined my cute pedicure!). Earlier tonight I was getting back into the car and banged my ear and head on the car door frame. If you've ever doubted proof of my clumsiness... well then you don't know me very well. HA!

Anyway, despite my frustration and discouragement with my klutzy self we're having such a great time! We've eaten lots, played cards...

...enjoyed each other and prayed for our future baby (to pray with the future grandparents is a lovely and special moment for sure).

I'm super stoked about the mug swap! I went shopping yesterday and found some things I think my muggy buddy will enjoy.

Today we all went to one of our bigger malls where all the good stores are and had a little fun. Doesn't this "senior" look so happy with her selfie?

For my birthday tomorrow, God gave me Autumn temps today and possibly tomorrow. In August. In the South. Inconceivable! Let's decorate the house for Fall! And in case you scoff...

...a Fall leaf if ever there was! Yippee!

Tonight we're relaxing and reading books, I Jamberryed up my nails to look cute for tomorrow (blue glitter sparkles!), and loving on this cute little face!

Looking forward to an extra fun day tomorrow when Dave & Merrill come over!

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

New Chalk Art

Today brought new chalk art and the in-laws to our home for their first time.

Overall a great day, minus the poison ivy I'm still dealing with after weeding last week. (Side note: I now want to burn up our yard and replace it all with AstroTurf.)

Tonight brought a deeeelicious dinner brought to yours truly by the Grillmaster himself.

The other day CC played hide-and-seek with our little four-year-old friend, Carly.

I love how clever Hubby was to 'hide' under the table! I am still laughing about it.

Monday, August 04, 2014

That Craig Does It Again!

Since we've moved into our house, we've discovered good things we weren't aware of, like under-cabinet lighting in a dark corner of the kitchen. We've also discovered the not-so-good things, like that our appliances may look nice, but they don't work very well.

Our dishwasher is super finicky. It will mostly clean but not everything. You have to check each dish or fork before putting it away to be sure it actually got clean. It won't do anything without rinse aid and it doesn't like tablet detergents, of which I had bought eight million on sale just before we moved in.

The other quite disheartening discovery is that our stove/oven are super slow and don't work well. The stove is really slow to heat up, won't work for canning (I discovered in the midst of attempting to can.), and just is a disappointment. The oven is pretty much the same, being not truly dependable and being slow to bake anything. Since I love to bake this has proven pretty tricky for me so far.

We've wanted new appliances but didn't want to fork out the money for them. That stuff is expensive, yo! Dishwashers especially, are ridiculously priced. We'll stick with our crummy dishwasher for now, but check this out!

AT&T sent us thank you money for switching to U-Verse (soooo much better than TWC), and Craig helped us sell our disappointing stove for full asking amount in ONE day! Holla!

This means with all that money put together, we were able to purchase a brand new, working stove! AND for even less than the money we got to buy it with! Go God!

So for now we have a gaping hole... two days before guests arrive... hours before friends come for a home-cooked dinner...

... but by tonight it'll be filled with a brand new, beautiful, working stove! We're so excited!

What should I bake first?!

Sunday, August 03, 2014

Happy 40!

Happy 40th anniversary to my in-laws!

They're amazing, Godly people who have loved me since before always. One of the very best examples of a loving marriage I've ever seen and will continue to see. They also brought life to my incredible husband who I am so happy God gave to me.

I love y'all bunches and can't wait to celebrate in person!

Saturday, August 02, 2014


I thought I'd post another photo dump of what's been happening this Summer to get caught up.

Our neighbors officially welcomed us to the neighborhood and I missed it! I was super bummed but their M&M oatmeal cookies made it better. 
I won't say how many I ate.
My first baby shower has been planned. My dear friend, Jan, designed the invites. Isn't she amazing? I'm freaking out and excited at the same time that this shower I'm invited to IS FOR ME. Crazy!
We needed a date and we had an amazing time hitting up the local flea market. I got Coke crates I'd been dying for, and a Ball jar from the 1920s! Hubby got a transistor radio and an old radio that dates back to 1937! We're in love with all of it.
Pretty! Pretty!

When you're tired, you're tired.
I FINALLY finished my pallet art I've been working on for over six months. I'm ecstatically happy with it and I'm dying for Hubby to get it hung. He's going to put it in the kitchen where I will see this perfect reminder every day.

Hats don't like me even though I beg and plead for them to. I love them bunches, especially on days I haven't washed my hair and don't want to let the world know about it. It's such a rare occurrence that it must be documented. So consider it documented.
Look! It's a hat! On MY head!
This year I signed up to volunteer on the Snack team with Vacation Bible School (VBS). I figured I could help out, be around food all day, and see all my ex-coworker friends that I miss. Win-wins all around!
These two are some of my faves.
I made cupcakes this Summer. You're welcome.

Did my first 5k without CC there to cheer me on. I finished but that was about it. This was the photo I sent him while he was busy out of town working.
Please ignore the sunscreen sweat pouring off of me.

We have crazy friends. At least they don't hide it.
And then he came home from his work trip and my world was alright again.

Front seat kisses
And back to our happy place!
I can't believe we live here!

Friday, August 01, 2014

It's Mug Swap Day!!

Today is the day I've had on the calendar all year! Truly second to Christmas and tied with my birthday. In fact I'm pretty sure this is the country's way of celebrating with me all month. 

Today is Mug Swap Day! 

Today is the day you can go to my dear friend, Kim's, blog to sign up to send and receive surprise happy mail (coffee or tea mugs)!

Because you NEED to sign up and you need to do it NOW. This year she's limited spots to only the first 500 super cool people. And when I say she had to 'limit it' I mean it. This grows bigger and bigger every year! It's amazing how much folks want to celebrate with us August girls (of which Kim is one)!

But you guys, I'm freaking out! This morning I woke up to a text from my twin sister (who I met through last year's mug swap) who told me to go read Kim's post NOW. Yes ma'am! (I was totally going to anyway because hello- it's the MUG SWAP!)

So I'm reading and reading about how this year's theme is about the giving not the receiving (SO on board with that!), all the awesome sponsors and giveaways, and then Kim says "SURPRISE!"

You guys! Everyone is being asked to donate to US! To our adoption fund! I'm freaking out! I have no words other than thank you.

I'm always in awe of the people I've met, the friendships I've made, the love and support and encouragement I see and receive and try to give, all which began through my 'double life' of social media. 

This though, this. We're overwhelmed, we're excited, we're so very grateful, but mostly we're amazed at how much our God loves us!

So go sign up to give some surprise happy mail! It's gonna be an August for the ages!