Saturday, August 09, 2014

Family Visit

We're having a blast with CC's parents here! We haven't seen this since Christmas, which for our family, is a bit longer than usual.

So far I'm still dealing with my hatred for poison ivy and all things itchy. I also massacred my big toe the other night stubbing it under the metal car seat (& more importantly ruined my cute pedicure!). Earlier tonight I was getting back into the car and banged my ear and head on the car door frame. If you've ever doubted proof of my clumsiness... well then you don't know me very well. HA!

Anyway, despite my frustration and discouragement with my klutzy self we're having such a great time! We've eaten lots, played cards...

...enjoyed each other and prayed for our future baby (to pray with the future grandparents is a lovely and special moment for sure).

I'm super stoked about the mug swap! I went shopping yesterday and found some things I think my muggy buddy will enjoy.

Today we all went to one of our bigger malls where all the good stores are and had a little fun. Doesn't this "senior" look so happy with her selfie?

For my birthday tomorrow, God gave me Autumn temps today and possibly tomorrow. In August. In the South. Inconceivable! Let's decorate the house for Fall! And in case you scoff...

...a Fall leaf if ever there was! Yippee!

Tonight we're relaxing and reading books, I Jamberryed up my nails to look cute for tomorrow (blue glitter sparkles!), and loving on this cute little face!

Looking forward to an extra fun day tomorrow when Dave & Merrill come over!

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