Saturday, August 02, 2014


I thought I'd post another photo dump of what's been happening this Summer to get caught up.

Our neighbors officially welcomed us to the neighborhood and I missed it! I was super bummed but their M&M oatmeal cookies made it better. 
I won't say how many I ate.
My first baby shower has been planned. My dear friend, Jan, designed the invites. Isn't she amazing? I'm freaking out and excited at the same time that this shower I'm invited to IS FOR ME. Crazy!
We needed a date and we had an amazing time hitting up the local flea market. I got Coke crates I'd been dying for, and a Ball jar from the 1920s! Hubby got a transistor radio and an old radio that dates back to 1937! We're in love with all of it.
Pretty! Pretty!

When you're tired, you're tired.
I FINALLY finished my pallet art I've been working on for over six months. I'm ecstatically happy with it and I'm dying for Hubby to get it hung. He's going to put it in the kitchen where I will see this perfect reminder every day.

Hats don't like me even though I beg and plead for them to. I love them bunches, especially on days I haven't washed my hair and don't want to let the world know about it. It's such a rare occurrence that it must be documented. So consider it documented.
Look! It's a hat! On MY head!
This year I signed up to volunteer on the Snack team with Vacation Bible School (VBS). I figured I could help out, be around food all day, and see all my ex-coworker friends that I miss. Win-wins all around!
These two are some of my faves.
I made cupcakes this Summer. You're welcome.

Did my first 5k without CC there to cheer me on. I finished but that was about it. This was the photo I sent him while he was busy out of town working.
Please ignore the sunscreen sweat pouring off of me.

We have crazy friends. At least they don't hide it.
And then he came home from his work trip and my world was alright again.

Front seat kisses
And back to our happy place!
I can't believe we live here!

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