Monday, August 04, 2014

That Craig Does It Again!

Since we've moved into our house, we've discovered good things we weren't aware of, like under-cabinet lighting in a dark corner of the kitchen. We've also discovered the not-so-good things, like that our appliances may look nice, but they don't work very well.

Our dishwasher is super finicky. It will mostly clean but not everything. You have to check each dish or fork before putting it away to be sure it actually got clean. It won't do anything without rinse aid and it doesn't like tablet detergents, of which I had bought eight million on sale just before we moved in.

The other quite disheartening discovery is that our stove/oven are super slow and don't work well. The stove is really slow to heat up, won't work for canning (I discovered in the midst of attempting to can.), and just is a disappointment. The oven is pretty much the same, being not truly dependable and being slow to bake anything. Since I love to bake this has proven pretty tricky for me so far.

We've wanted new appliances but didn't want to fork out the money for them. That stuff is expensive, yo! Dishwashers especially, are ridiculously priced. We'll stick with our crummy dishwasher for now, but check this out!

AT&T sent us thank you money for switching to U-Verse (soooo much better than TWC), and Craig helped us sell our disappointing stove for full asking amount in ONE day! Holla!

This means with all that money put together, we were able to purchase a brand new, working stove! AND for even less than the money we got to buy it with! Go God!

So for now we have a gaping hole... two days before guests arrive... hours before friends come for a home-cooked dinner...

... but by tonight it'll be filled with a brand new, beautiful, working stove! We're so excited!

What should I bake first?!

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