Wednesday, December 03, 2014

You Have A Blog?

Ugh, I hate when Bloggie goes defunct. I've even been asked recently, "oh you have a blog?" It's horrible. After my birthday, things got awesomely crazy and blogging hasn't quite been at the top of my priority list, despite wanting to keep up with it.

I especially feel awful because I never did an update after the Mug Swap, or a recap to link up of the amazing happy mail my new friend, Andrea, sent for the Mug Swap.

Andrea sent a homemade mug rug that I see every day sitting in the living room. It's really cute too, especially with the anchors on it. I've been way into anchors lately ("We have this hope, as an anchor for the soul...") and it was so timely of her! She sent one of my all-time favorite verses framed and so cute- we have it in the nursery on the bookcase. The mug she sent was the perfect turquoise color and so big that I can fit tons of coffee in it, which is perfect for me. Andrea also sent some incredibly delicious chocolate, the cutest little colandar, and some very fun local coffee. Everything was wrapped in such a lovely way, it felt like Christmas opening each individual item! Andrea chose everything so thoughtfully, it was really special to receive.

I especially love that the Mug Swap happens in August- it's like a month-long, nationwide (world-wide in some cases) party to celebrate! And party it up we did- remember how Kim had asked folks to donate to our adoption fund as a blessing to others? Well that was incredible. Humbling and overwhelming in the best possible ways. And then, you guys. You guys.

Almost $2500 came in for our adoption fund. $2500!

We were blown away, to put it mildly. We couldn't wrap our heads around it! And Kim was going to make me wait to find out the total until she announced it on IG, but instead she sent it the night before ON my birthday, as a final firework to end the day. It was amazing! We still are in shock that God led you all to give so generously. I love the IG community but wow! Thank you to everyone who envisioned the idea to give, who put it into practice, who gave, who posted and shared, who encouraged us in the meantime, who prayed for us. Just everyone- we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Talk about loving others and living our faith!

I've missed posting and talking with y'all. Here's hoping I can do it more often and soon! Thank you for bearing with me until I can say hello again. Hello!

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