Friday, May 22, 2015

First Mother's Day

So now the news is out. Yay!

These past almost ten months have been amazing and haaaard. Parenting is no joke, in case you hadn't heard.

We've got a mover and a shaker on our hands. She's extreme, always wanting to be upside down or moving somewhere she shouldn't be heading. I thought I had more time before I said "no" all day long, but just the opposite! Worth it though when I feel her little pudgy arms around me or hear her squeals of delight with Daddy.

This was also my first Mother's Day- typically a day associated with mostly negative emotions, a day we just try to ignore and power through. This year I didn't know how I'd feel, so we still played hooky from church. Hubby got coffee and breakfast for us, we went to a fun place for lunch, he and Cailyn gave me a lovely necklace... I think I'll always have a difficult time with this particular day, but there is now a huge amount of positive to balance out some of the negative. Still a surreal experience to know someone calls me "Mama" (or will one day, dang it! Haha!).

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