Friday, July 24, 2015

Lessons In Parenthood

My girl is constantly teaching me or reminding me of things, like patience and the importance of coffee in he morning. She shows me how much I need Jesus and to pray more often, among other things.

One thing we're trying to figure out is meal planning, healthy eating (at home!), how to raise a Godly confident woman in this world of crazy judgments and expectations. And y'all- it's hard. I've gained all the weight I'd lost two years ago plus some (I'm a stress eater, even if it's good stress.) and it's very frustrating to me. I try so hard to not let it show- especially when CJ can see- and get back to working out and eating right and not using the "F-word" (F-A-T)...

But then today happened. God knew just what my tired, discouraged self needed.

I was laying on the floor playing with my baby doll of a girl and she suddenly did something she's never done before. She lifted my shirt up and gave me a kiss on my problem area of a stomach. She loves me despite the extra "jelly" jiggling. She didn't even notice! In fact, she repeated this action about four more times!

I'm still in awe that this happened but even more amazed how the Lord uses these tiny people to teach such huge truths. And in the meantime I'll just keep working to succeed on this health journey we're on, while knowing my baby girl loves me regardless.

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