"Life at Pemberley" is all about what's happening in my life. I enjoy my faith, my husband, and my life. Friends and family are what it's all about, with lots of fun and laughter thrown in the mix.

I love Jesus, my hubby, baking, being crafty, hanging out with some fun people, and keeping up with the latest entertainment news.

We are blessed to have an almost one-year-old baby girl through domestic adoption, so more recent posts include our journey through that process.

I hope you enjoy! I love comments, so leave plenty.


Rachel H said...

Hi Susan! I just found you today via the mug swap. I'm so glad I found your blog! We are just starting our adoption process, so I always enjoy finding people that are in this boat with us. Plus, your dog is adorable and reminds me a lot of ours. :)

Blessings to you as you continue this journey!


Susan Hopper said...

Hi Rachel! I wanted to respond but I don't have your email address!

Feel free to contact me about adoption or anything if you like. I love to talk about it with anyone who will listen! :-)


Rachel H said...

I couldn't find your e-mail address either. :)
I can be reached at likeasaturday at gmail dot com